Warehouse Management

•    Operation of LPG warehouse

Aygaz A.Ş., belonging to the Koç Group operating in the İsdemir region. The operation of the facility where LPG and hydrocarbons are stored was transferred to and operated by recruiting our own personnel between 2000 and 2006.

•    Operation of fuel warehouse

The warehouse, which is located in the İsdemir region belonging to the Delta Group, which is the highest volume storage facility in the Mediterranean basin, has been started to be operated in 2006 and is still operated by the Mental Group Customs Consultancy.

The world's leading banks and financial institutions as well as the largest oil companies and trader companies prefer our warehouse for transit trade.

Permission Process of Fuel Facilities-Warehouses
•    Getting investment permits
•    Getting warehouse opening permits
•    Making changes in warehouse permits
•    The processes of closing the warehouses are monitored and finalized by EMRA, especially the Relevant Customs Directorate, Regional Directorate and the Ministry.

Stock Controls of Fuel Terminals

Terminal and tank-based stock detection and measurement operations
•    Marine terminals installed in 12 different locations
•    Air supply terminals installed at 36 different airports
•    Measurement in tanks where all types of fuel are stored

Advantages of reporting;
•    Warehouse stock records are updated so that possible fines and liquidation processes are prevented,
•    Deficiencies in the physical structure of the warehouse can be detected in advance and possible warnings or closing processes are eliminated with the measures taken,
•    The actual stock in the accounting records can be controlled.

SCT Collateral Consultancy
SCT letters of guarantee given for imported petroleum products are resolved by a dedicated team dedicated to this process.

In this process;

•    The collateral information registered in the finance services is compared with the collateral registered at customs.
•    Import declarations based on guarantees are taken from the system,
•    Relevant declarations are shared with tax offices.
•    Annex-12 forms are provided from tax offices.
•    By closing import declarations before customs, guarantees are taken back.

EPDK - Petder Consultancy
Follow-up-result consultancy regarding every stage of the processes carried out by or by EMRA, including license, conformity certificates, audit processes
Close contact with Petder and Ship Refueling Association, actual participation in meetings held at the Ministry level, proactive action in the processes and offering solutions.

Customs Dispute Consultancy
The management of the administrative objection processes before the customs, the legal advocacy and consultancy services in the disputed matters within the scope of the Law No.5607 and 4458, especially in SCT, revolving transactions, transfer pricing, tariff changes, stamp tax.

HS Code Detection
The tariff positions of all fuel and non-fuel products procured from crude oil or LPG are determined by the petroleum operations team.

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