•    Supply Chain Analysis and Design
•    International Supply Chain Management
•    Distribution Center Management
•    Distribution to Stores

•    Control documents and conformity certificates in terms of product safety and control are obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture.
•    Regarding the procedures to be followed in the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, only expert personnel in charge of this job are employed.

When it comes to textile, change, speed and competition come to mind. In order to be successful, delivery times should be short, product and production quality should be high, suppliers and supply chain and logistics infrastructure should be reliable, deliveries should be correct and complete.

Mental has organized in the textile sector to conclude foreign trade transactions of all kinds of textile products, from raw materials to intermediate goods, from auxiliary accessories to finished products, in accordance with the legislation and in the fastest manner.

Mental Group Customs Consultancy assumes a guiding role for companies operating in the textile industry, especially with cost analysis. In addition, GTIP determination, registration certificate acquisition, inward processing permit receipt and follow-up (DIIB), inward processing permission and follow-up (DII), external processing permission and follow-up, surveillance certificate obtaining and follow-up.

Textile Sector Services
•    Production material logistics
•    Storage and distribution management
•    Shipping management and distribution services
•    Ready-to-wear import and export logistics
•    Return logistics

Production Material Logistics
The services of Mental Grup Customs Consultancy for the textile industry are aimed at eliminating the difficulties experienced in the supply chain of materials used in production.

•    Import of raw materials, accessories, ready-made products
•    International transportation
•    Domestic and regional part / raw material transportation
•    Regional / free zone storage services
•    Ready-made product export

Storage Solutions
•    Acceptance of raw materials and auxiliary materials from domestic and international supply points, quality control and shipment to production points
•    Acceptance and counting of finished products
•    The products are handled in the warehouse area and the segregation on the basis of the store
•    Collection and packaging of distribution shipment orders
•    Inventory management
•    Value-added services

Distribution Solutions
•    Delivery of products prepared to be shipped in the distribution center to customers' dealers or retail points
•    Distribution with shared networks
•    Dedicated distribution
•    Continuous customer service support
•    X-docking
•    Reverse logistics (return logistics)

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