Automotive sector companies (manufacturers, suppliers and distributors) have to respond very quickly to rapidly changing economic conditions and market dynamics in order not to lose their competitive advantage.
Mental Grup Customs Consultancy offers its customers simple and fast, low cost, high accuracy and reliable solutions with its employees and processes.

Automotive Sector Services
•    Production material logistics
•    Storage and distribution management
•    Ready vehicle logistics
•    Shipping management and distribution services
•    Tire import and export logistics

Production Material Logistics
The services of Mental Grup Customs Consultancy for the automotive sector are aimed at eliminating the difficulties experienced in the supply chain of materials used in production.

•    Import of parts
•    International transportation
•    Domestic and regional part / raw material transportation
•    Regional / free zone storage services
•    Vehicle / parts export

Storage and Distribution Management
It is important for us that the stored products and their information are accurate and always available.

As Mental Grup Customs Consultancy, our goal is to provide you with information that you can control your processes and to support you in managing your processes more effectively with this information. In this way, by reducing the investment you make in fixed assets, to ensure continuity in your operations and to enable you to take action according to changes in demand.

•    Regional and domestic distribution centers
•    On-Site Distribution Centers
•    After Sales Spare Parts Management
•    Combine and Separation Centers

Ready Vehicle Logistics
Mental Group Customs Consultancy offers solutions for the complex legislation and detailed documentation and reporting processes faced by the automotive industry with its supply chain services.

•    Stock tracking of vehicles entering / leaving the warehouse on the basis of chassis
•    Electronic tracking of A.TR Document deductions over invoice
•    Electronic tracking of road compliance certificate reductions on the basis of chassis
•    Electronic monitoring of the deductions of insurance policies
•    Electronic reporting of import processes

Shipping Management and Distribution Services
Domestic and international demand for vehicles, manufactured materials and spare parts varies over time. Meeting the demands requires efficient, fast and coordinated solutions and processes. Our air, sea and road transport services for the automotive industry and their different combinations are in our services.

•    Shipment Planning and Vehicle Programming
•    Documentation Management
•    Shipment Record Management
•    Supplier Capacity Planning and Management
•    Distribution Service Management
•    Condition Management During Shipment
•    Customer-Specific Delivery Services
•    Distribution Network Analysis and Design

Vehicle Tire Import and Export Logistics
We have been working with the tire industry's leading manufacturers and wholesale importers / dealers for many years. Mental Grup Customs Consultancy has experience in developing special solutions in this sector by working with the main manufacturer, raw material supplier, main importer and, when necessary, suppliers responsible for transportation.

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