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Who is a Customs Broker and what does he/she do?

The real and legal persons who want to do business and transactions in the Customs Authorities can submit their declarations themselves, as well as private sector employees specialized in this field through customs consultants. Customs brokers also provide consultancy services on customs and foreign trade issues.

Is it compulsory to work with Customs Brokers?

No. Everyone can follow their customs related business and transactions themselves, or they can authorize a customs broker with a power of attorney given from a notary.

What is the benefit of working with a Customs Broker?

Since the Customs and Foreign Trade Legislation includes many technical issues such as value, origin, customs tariff, and digital applications, customs consultants specialized in these issues can help you to avoid any erroneous transactions.

How do we know if a person is a Customs Broker?

Our Ministry gives "Customs Consultancy Permit Certificate" to Customs Consultants. Ask those who say "I am a Customs Consultant" to show their permit.

Are Customs Brokers civil servants?

No. Customs Brokers are private sector employees. Their services are chargeable, they issue a self-employment receipt or invoice for the fee they receive.

What should I ask when working with the Customs Broker?

If a declaration is to be made to the customs administration, ask him to give detailed information about the possible risks and consequences, what information and documents are required for this declaration, how much tax and tax-like payment should be made, and all similar matters.

Is there a standard in the fees of Customs Brokers?

Yes. Customs Brokers cannot work below the wages determined by the Minimum Wage Communiqué published in the official newspaper every year. The relevant Communiqué can be accessed on the website of the Ministry. Find out what the fee charged from you includes.

Is there a Customs Broker where I am?

Whether there is a customs broker working in your location Ministry Risk Management, Liquidation and Revolving Fund Gn. Md. "How Can I Reach Customs Brokers?" can be learned from the department. Here, you can access the name-surname and telephone information of the customs brokers. In addition, customs consultants can be reached with a search on the internet.

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