Free zones, although parts of the customs territory of Turkey;

Free circulation without the goods subject to any customs regulations which product and put into free movement is to be used except as provided for in the customs legislation or is put with the condition of not consumed, for the application of trade policy measures with import duties, Turkey was considered to be outside the Customs Area;
That the goods in free circulation enjoy the possibilities normally associated with the export of the goods by placing them in a free zone;
are places.

In free zones, any type deemed appropriate by the High Planning Council; commercial, industrial, economic and service sector activities can be carried out. However, in order to operate in free zones, it is necessary to obtain an "operating license" from the Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Free Zones. With its expert and experienced staff in this field, Mental Group Customs Consultancy manages and monitors your free zone operating license on your behalf.

Also, you will do from free zones and / or free zones; We are at your side in your customs clearance transactions within the scope of SDGR (import) export and transit regimes, in the transactions of your scrap, waste and disposal goods to be removed from free zones.

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