Within the scope of Customs Consultancy Service, we are with you in your import, export and all other customs transactions.

Choosing an experienced, reliable and responsible company while obtaining a service for your customs procedures will bring you profitability in time and cost in all your transactions, as well as giving you a strong impression against your competitors. As Mental Group Customs Consultancy, we provide Customs Consultancy services to organizations that direct the economy in our country and in the world with our customs consultants, dynamic customer representatives and field personnel.

Within the scope of this service, our head office is in Mersin; We continue to serve in 3 provinces with our Istanbul and Konya branches. With our Digital Archiving system, we offer you the opportunity to follow your transactions whenever you want, and we carry out all your transactions without compromising our transparency principle.

  • Import Operations
  • Export transactions
  • Transit Trade Transactions
  • Movement Goods Operation (Abroad in Turkey, Customs clearance of personal belongings sent abroad from Turkey.)
  • Naklih main operations (Abroad Customs procedures of citizens involved in definite return to Turkey.)
  • Land, air and sea shipping services.
  • Warehouse services
  • Following and obtaining the required permit document
  • Determination of G.T.I.P (Customs Tariff)
  • Insurance Transactions
  • Banking operations
  • Domestic transportation and storage organization
  • Overseas transportation and storage organization
  • Circulation Documents and Certificate of Origin applications
  • Determination of Customs Tariff Statistics Position
  • Determination of Origin
  • Customs Tax and Equivalent Financial Obligations Calculations
  • Free Movement Entry Regime Applications
  • Export Regime Applications
  • Transit Regime Applications
  • Free Zone Applications
  • Inward Processing Regime Applications
  • Outward Processing Regime Applications
  • Temporary Import Regime Applications
  • Customs Warehouse Regime Applications
  • Foreign Trade Standardization Practices

Documents Required To Represent You

In order to be your solution partner, to follow your transactions in public institutions and organizations and to create a file on your behalf at customs, we kindly request you to receive the following documents to us.

  • Power of Attorney (Notarized)
  • Trade Registry Gazette (the newspaper in which the establishment and the signatory is authorized) original or notarized
  • Chamber Registration copy original or notarized
  • Signature Circulars
  • Identity card copy of the person who signed the power of attorney (notarized)
  • Photocopy of your Capacity Report (if available)
  • Original or notarized tax office letter of obligation
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