Individual institutions and organizations that receive Customs Legislation Consultancy services from Mental Group Customs Consultancy company will have instant information about the regulations applied in customs and the developments in their implementation. By using this information timely and accurately, they gain competitive advantage. The costs of the problems that will arise in cases where effective information sharing is not carried out and is not implemented in accordance with the requirements of the legal legislation will be much more than the amount of resources to be spent for the measures to be taken.

Today, in the foreign trade and customs sector, where competition is intense and business processes have a very complex and heterogeneous structure, success basically depends on the delivery of the goods to the place where the consumer or manufacturer wants in the most accurate and fastest way at the lowest cost. However, for the protection of human, animal and plant health and the environment, or for other reasons, tariff and non-tariff barriers can be imposed to prevent goods from entering the market at customs. For this reason, in order for the goods to be placed on the market at the scheduled time without any obstacles in customs, it is necessary to determine the requirements before the goods reach the customs, and to plan and implement the business processes by using the rights granted by existing bilateral or multilateral agreements and existing laws. Considering that companies and company officials also have great responsibilities before the state in customs transactions, customs legislation taken from an institutional Customs Consultancy firm that is experienced in customs business transactions and practices with correct information and documents, laws and boards, with an appropriate plan, schedule, fast and smoothly. It is clear that consultancy services will make significant contributions to the individual institutions and organizations in terms of competitive advantage and efficiency.

Mental Group Customs Consultancy has been successfully providing consultancy services regarding current legislation and practices covering professional customs and foreign trade areas for a long time with distinguished organizations that direct the Turkish and World economy with its experienced consultants and consultants.

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