As the Mental Group Customs Consultancy, we provide quality support in this area in the developing sector with our increasing exports thanks to the companies that are in search of the market and the incentives applied by the government within the scope of export increase methods. We also inform about the supports provided by the state, incentives, international fairs and how to benefit from them. Our company starts with the selection of the appropriate support program for your companies for the support and grant programs of all public institutions and organizations for producers and exporters, provides consultancy until the completion of all the documents, the follow-up of the process and the preparation and delivery of the file.


Our export consultancy service is in two forms: market and company research. At this stage, the determination of potential importers and distributors in the markets where your products are at maximum salability, and the establishment of the first communication, mostly in a foreign language. Various promotional ways are used for the first communication according to the budget your company will allocate. A list of companies that are seriously interested in your products are compiled and detailed discussions are made, such as how to meet their special requests, if any. It offers consultancy services from the preparation of the export plan to the fairs you can attend.

After the agreement is reached on the terms, the export process is actually initiated and the sales process is formalized and finalized after mutual agreement is reached. Transactions are initiated according to the preferred payment method (letter of credit, cash, deferred, etc.). The shipment is completed with the support of our expert team in the field of customs and delivery stages.


We stand by companies that want to import or export, but do not have the time and structure to coordinate this process.
In line with the contract we have made with our customer, we facilitate the work of our customers by performing the following transactions regarding the goods subject to trade:

  • Determining the way of receipt,
  • Adjusting the transport organization,
  • Customs administration and customs clearance process planning,
  • Preparing foreign documents,
  • Logistics tracking,
  • Customs declaration preparation,
  • Arrangement of circulation document and required permissions,
  • Domestic and international invoices
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