Customs Consultancy Services

Within the scope of Customs Consultancy Service, we are with you in your import, export and all other customs transactions. Choosing an experienced, reliable and responsible company while obtaining a service for your customs procedures will bring

Clearance Service

Mental Group Customs Consultancy; offers customs clearance services for transported cargo. In the management and supervision of its expert personnel who have knowledge of customs legislation professional customs brokerage company, working with Turkey

Logistics Service

Mental Grup Customs Consultancy offers unconditional customer satisfaction with its operational and sectoral expertise. As in all sectors, customer satisfaction is very important in the logistics sector. The best way to increase customer satisfaction

Import & Export Service

IMPORTS As the Mental Group Customs Consultancy, we provide quality support in this area in the developing sector with our increasing exports thanks to the companies that are in search of the market and the incentives applied by the government wit

Legislation Follow-up Services

Individual institutions and organizations that receive Customs Legislation Consultancy services from Mental Group Customs Consultancy company will have instant information about the regulations applied in customs and the developments in their impleme

Free Zone Operations

Free zones, although parts of the customs territory of Turkey; Free circulation without the goods subject to any customs regulations which product and put into free movement is to be used except as provided for in the customs legislation or is put

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