Ease of access to the relevant people when you call our company?

The hospitality shown to you when you come to our company?

The interest and smiling face shown when you contact our company?

Our customer information and practices in the renewed legislation?

Keeping the promises made by our company, delivering the service on time?

The rate of feedback of our customer representatives or consultants about the process?

Competence in legislation, information, consultancy service and experience?

Completing your transactions on time and delivering your files to you on time?

The layout and ease of use of the files delivered to you?

Our credibility in today's world where the competitive environment is intense and trade secrets are very important?

Fastest conclusion of transactions in import and export and cost advantage

Keeping the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or error and informing your relevant units?

The ability to follow up your HG Mobile Tracking and HG Online customs clearance transactions and the adequacy of the reports?

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